What is this for?

Now that I've made this little blog/website, I'm not sure what it's for, going forward. I've enjoyed it just as a little project in itself, filling in info about myself and sharing things I've worked on, but is it a blog? I already have a Wordpress blog, and writing in HTML isn't the most appealing process to me. Too many things to slow me down.

Maybe I could use this as a place to put all the little thoughts that are too small to become blog posts. Things that fall by the wayside. A place to use instead of Twitter. Just without the character limit.

I imagine people had thoughts like this about Twitter in the early days, so that's ironic.

Well, little blog, I don't know what I'll put on you, or that I'll ever put anything on you at all after today, and the initial novelty of this little project fades, but you were a lot of fun to build.

- Mike